Meditation and art complement each other very well. Meditation will help you attain a richer inner life, and art will allow you express that to the world. Practicing both are immensely satisfying activities, but you need to commit time and effort for them. The payoff is for your whole lifetime though and it makes it worth it.


Essentially, meditation is focused awareness. Consciously feeling your breathing or ignoring invasive thoughts is a great way to improve your focus.

Meditating can do a lot of wonders for you. Studies show lower blood pressure, better neural connections and lesser feeling of stress. By scheduling at least 10 minutes a day of just being in still awareness will help you relax and find peace


Art is expression. Be it the chaos in yourself or the sensation of awe, you can express anything and everything under the sun. It is also immensely cathartic. Like having a chat to a friend after a long day, expressing through art feels extremely good.

Creating something is a wonderful process, and art is a great vehicle to do that. Be it the more conventional ones like painting or writing or the more modern ones like photography and video editing, art gives you benefits that will pay off for the rest of your life.

Meditation artist

You can elevate artistic expression even higher by incorporating meditation. You can do this by practicing mindfulness. Be aware of your breathing while you use your tools. Feel the texture of the paintbrush, clay or whatever medium you are using.

By having your awareness be anchored on breathing and expressing what is on your mind, you will be pushing away those distractions.

Be a meditation artist in your everyday life. Be more aware of your body and mind while expressing the wonderful world inside you through art. The earlier you start applying that, the more fulfilled and peaceful you will be.