The hustle and bustle of everyday life can take a toll on you. It impacts not only your body, but also your overworked mind. Refreshing and calming yourself will do you a very big favor; not only will tranquility help your sanity in this crazy world, it will also make you a better and stronger person. Inner peace is extremely important, and here are two ways for you to achieve that.


Meditation is not just for those monks sitting in quiet mountains. Meditation is for everyone. Studies have shown decreased mortality rates and increased memory and self-awareness for older hypertensive people.

By allotting 10 minutes a day for meditation, you can feel the inner peace and decreased anxiety and stress. 90% of participants in a Massachusetts Medical School study said so.

One basic meditation that you can do is to be aware of a part or action of your body for 10 minutes a day. Whenever your mind wanders, focus on your legs or your breathing. By focusing your wandering mind, you will slowly feel more in control of your life and it will make you sleep peacefully at night.


People enter yoga for its myriad of benefits, be it a getting a more toned body or increasing flexibility. Yoga is not just for energizing your body though. It is also similar to meditation that it strengthens your “awareness” muscles. Doing yoga positions will definitely help you relax your mind and at the same time aid your body. Here is one simple yoga exercise you can do.

One easy yoga position for beginners is the Mountain Pose. Stand firmly on the ground and feel your weight be supported by both your feet while being a few inches apart. Feel your breathing while having a straight back. Do this for 10 minutes a day and you will feel good in no time.

Constant practice in yoga or meditation is a must for you to achieve inner peace. Committing at least 10 minutes a day will do wonders for your tired mind. Do it today and feel the results.