Our spirituality is a very personal relationship with our selves, the world and the intangible. Starting this long but beautiful journey is the best decision you can ever make. Nurturing your inner life is extremely important.

While there are a lot of ways to nourish your spiritual life, meditation is one of the better known, and for good reason. It benefits your body, regulating a more stable rhythm and releasing stress accumulated. More importantly, it also clears your mind and refreshes your tired and burdened spirit.

The earlier you start to be more aware of the thoughts filling up and chaining you, the faster you can examine in a detached manner what areas in your life you need to let go or focus on. With this knowledge, you can move forward.

In order to be filled, one must first be empty. A mind free of distractions is an accepting and open mind. The mental state of heightened awareness may be difficult to attain when you are just starting, but it can definitely be achieved. This is the reason why a consistent practice of meditation will do wonders for your spirituality.

Mindfulness meditation is a very wonderful companion. Think of it as a walking stick where you can lean on if you are tired. The peace of mind brought by being more aware and conscious of yourself will make this spiritual journey of yours more straight-forward.

Another type of meditation you can do if instead of feeling tired you are feeling angry or is the Metta meditation. Metta means “loving” and for this meditation what you need to do is to visualize someone you feel you love too much or too little. It can be yourself, or a person you feel positive, a person you feel negative or someone you are indifferent with.

Meditation will definitely nourish your soul. It can help you transcend the chains that bind you and make yourself free.