Hot yoga really deserves the name; the heat will make you perspire and the movements will give you a workout. While it still has the breathing and yoga poses we all know and love about yoga, it is punctuated with a focus on sweating out the impurities in your body and mind.

Hot yoga is unique. The yoga that people think about usually is what we know as Hatha yoga. It focuses on Pranayama and Asana (breathing and sitting respectively). Hot yoga is not about relaxation; it is about fighting. You fight the wandering thoughts and you fight your current endurance.

A few interesting classifications of hot yoga are:

  • The most popular kind of Hot yoga is the Bikram Yoga. Copyrighted by Bikram Choudhury, this has a specific twenty-six poses and a standardized series of instruction. They also provide aids like pillows and the instructor controls the flow of the session, which takes specifically 90 minutes.
  • TriBalance yoga is similar to Bikram Yoga. Their difference lies in instruction and structure; Bikram will have a program that must be followed strictly while TriBalance recommends instructors to vary their classes. There are also no tools provided.
  • Power yoga is a much more western type of hot yoga. Power yoga is a lot more like a vigorous and varied athletic calisthenic session. There are no set of poses that must be followed and no two power yoga classes are the same. One commonality for Power yoga is that it is derived from the Ashtanga yoga (the classical yoga) and is very fast-paced.

Hot yoga is a wonderful way to fight your inner battles. You fight a mental battle and physical battle with yourself at the same time. It is highly suggested that you try one session of any hot yoga and see if it fits you first.