Indian yoga is not just the breathing exercise nor the twisting of bodies; it is much more varied than that. Let me list down the 4 more popular yoga types so that you can choose what you think fits for you.

  • Hatha

This is the one we usually see. Traditionally, hatha yoga is more holistic, putting emphasis on what you eat, proper breathing and the immensely famous asanas or body postures.

It is so well known that nowadays most people equate Hatha with yoga itself. If you want to learn more about the basics, a Hatha yoga session will be of assistance to you.

  • Vinyasa

This is a very popular one. This kind of yoga emphasize flow and breathing. A session will have the peaceful music and the breathing exercise with poses.

For those who are looking for a moderately physical session which does not forget about peacefulness, this might be the one you are looking for.

  • Ashtanga

This one is much more physical. Focuses more on accuracy, be it breathing, the sequence itself or the flow. A session is done in with the exact same poses in the exact same order.

For the people looking for the more rigorous and structured kind, this is perfect for you. This will also work well with those who want their yoga served hot and sweaty.

  • Iyengar

If Ashtanga yoga is more on the accuracy of movement and breathing, Iyengar focuses more on alignment and posture. In fact, Iyengar uses a lot of props. Cushions, straps benches and even sand bags can be found in a studio practicing Iyengar yoga.

Anyone can be a good fit for Iyengar. However, Iyengar yoga will be a great fit for people looking for detailed instructions. Also, the focus on posture and alignment will help and the usage of props will benefit the injured or the elderly.

Knowing these 4 interesting Indian yoga types will definitely help you find the most fitting for you.

Whether the classical hatha, flowing Vinyasa, physical Ashtanga or restorative Iyengar, practicing yoga will greatly benefit you.