Mindfulness will do wonders to your body and mind. Yoga tones your body and improves flexibility; mindfulness strengthens your focus. A sound mind in a sound body can be attained through mindfulness.

Essentially, mindfulness is awareness. All that you need to do is to strengthen that awareness. Here are three ways to do just that.

  • Breathing – This is the most basic method of gaining and improving mindfulness due to its simplicity. All you need to do is to breathe. Feel the air fill you up as you inhale and feel the air going out as you exhale. Time yourself as you you do this and try to do longer sessions of mindful breathing the next time. For beginners, 10 minutes of pure mindful breathing is a great start.
  • Meditation – In this meditation, we are aiming for an observing mind rather than an empty one. This is a step up from mindfulness breathing. Sit down, focus on your breathing, and observe without judgement your thoughts. If you feel that you are being led by your thoughts i, focus back on your breathing. This may take some time and may feel frustrating, but do not worry. The more you practice it, the easier your next mindfulness exercise will be. If you are starting, 5 minutes of mindful meditation is good.
  • Yoga – Mindfulness is an important aspect in yoga. By doing mindfulness yoga, you make your mind and body firmer at the same time. A simple method is to lay down with your feet and palm apart and facing up. Feel the weight of your body being pulled by gravity and focus on your breathing. If thoughts pop up, breathe them out and return to your focused breathing.

These are three easy and simple ways you can do everyday to experience mindfulness. The important thing is to be disciplined in committing yourself to mindfulness. Rome was not built in one day; be patient with yourself.